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 Don Bosco – Our Inspiration


Don Bosco born in Italy is remembered as a man who spent his whole life for the young. A great educator as he was Don Bosco employed teaching methods based on ‘reason, religion and loving kindness’ (Preventive System). He believed education to be a matter of the heart. In a world under the wave of rapid advance of the industrial revolution, Don Bosco emerged as a pioneer in education. He imparted an integral formation to the young which in turn helped them to confront new challenges, equipped them to be skilled and made them morally upright. Don Bosco’s magnificent vision of reaching out to millions of youth across the globe is being realized today through his faithful followers – priests, brothers and lay people who through various initiatives aid young people to find happiness and lead a meaningful life. Don Bosco IGACT is one such initiative, making a huge difference in the lives of young men and women in India today.

 Fr. Philip – Founder Father of IGACT


Fr. Philip Thayil (1916-2002) fondly known as as the “Founder Father of DB IGACT” was a person of great vision. Realizing the importance of Print Media he envisioned a printing press and a printing institute early in 1985. A person with tremendous sense of determination and courage he went ahead spreading materials on Don Bosco and other books of an edifying nature. Don Bosco is so much known in Kerala due to the genuine efforts of Fr, Philip Thayil. Kerala Catholic Church is definitely indebted to Fr, Philip for his unique contribution, “Kuttikaliude Bible” (Children’s Bible) in prose and poetry. Training in printing was his brain child. He had named the press, Bosco Printech which is now known as DB IGACT. Thanks to the fidelity of this great visionary, today many families are able to make a living through the students who have passed out of this institution.

 About Don Bosco IGACT


The Salesians of Don Bosco launched a printing press on 8th December, 1987 pioneered by Rev. Fr. Philip Thayil. DB IGACT is ever grateful to Br. Thomas (INC), Fr. Devassykutty Kollumkudy, Fr. Thomas Poovelickal, Fr. Jiji Kalavanal, Br. Shaji Nedumpurath, Fr. James Plackattu and Fr. Joyson Mulavarickal who have contributed much for the realization of the dream project of Fr. Philip Thayil. The aim of DB IGACT is to provide the young, a wholistic formation through a professional training. The institute imparts to the students sound education in Printing, Web Technology and various branches of Graphics Arts – in theory and practice. We strive to form the students into upright and convinced persons, capable of fulfilling their obligations towards self, God and the Society with due emphasis to discipline, virtue, knowledge and art.

 Educational System

educational system

The Don Bosco Institute is a family where mutual respect and affection reign among the staff and the students. Every Salesian is a brother to his pupils, entirely dedicated to their welfare, and at the centre of this educative community is the Director, whom the students are always free to approach for advice, guidance and encouragement in their difficulties. Every activity of the Director and the staff is animated by the desire for the betterment of each pupil in particular.

 Method – Preventive System

preventive system

Our method of education shall be the Salesian System, based on the Preventive System of Don Bosco founded on Reason, Religion and Kindness. We shall try to make our general regulations reasonable, and to take into account the legitimate demands of our students in our rules of discipline. We shall strive to exclude arbitrary commands and to form in our students deep personal convictions which are capable of governing their lives.

 Vision – Inspiring Minds

inspiring minds

To provide professional media education which emphasizes Human Values. To foster personal bond between teacher and student and focus on the all-round development of the person, sensitive to socio-development needs, responsive to secular values and human rights. To follow a flexible, innovative, experiential pedagogy that encourages professional responsibility.