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DB IGACT Alumni Meets are held from 2002. It is the outgoing link between DB IGACT and its past pupils working in different parts of the country and abroad. The Association has its meeting every year on 26th January. It is a matter of pride that the past pupils are always in close touch with their alma mater. They express their solidarity with the institution and the present pupils in different ways. It’s a day of great joy, celebration and sharing of wide experiences.

            This Association provides a forum for the students to maintain and spread their links with the Institute. It provides numerous services to current students and alumni alike. All graduate students do not become members of Alumni Association. Membership of the Alumni Association can be obtained by registering at the Institute. The Association is involved in the following activities

  • Alumni reunions

  • Networking with industry

  • Association mailings

  • Interacting with other Jesuit Alumni

  • Special projects etc.

In general Alumni Association provides many opportunities in which the alumni can participate, such as promoting programs, assisting the future students in difficulties etc. By being involved with the Institute (Alumni Association) you are not only helping yourself, but also helping current and future students thereby making the world a better place to live in. We are looking for our ex-students to come forward and start the process of making this Alumni Association a strong one so that the bonds of the students get stronger and promote the understanding between the students of the past and present.

            In this way our Alumni can develop effective and responsible leadership through contact and experience in various projects and programs, thereby enhancing the education of the students and preparing them to serve as future alumni leaders. The current office bearers are as follows :-

    IGACT Alumni Office Bearers for 2017 – 2019

  • IGACT Alumni Delegate – Fr. Shino Karintholil – +91 87 14 12 8348

  • President: – Mr. Dixon Devassy (DB IGACT, Vennala, Kochi) – +91 95 39 03 4819

  • Secretary: Mr. Antony Mathai ( Labour India, Marangattupally, Kottayam) – + 91 98 95 66 6698

  • Treasurer – Mr. Rithin Peter (Whyletz, Panambillynagar, Kochi) – + 91 88 91 82 9252

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  • Alex P Babu


    I can't forget the days that I've spend in IGACT.... I really miss those days.

  • Antony Mathai

    Labour India Publication, Kottayam.

    It is not only an institute but also a family. I spent 6 years in IGACT as a student and a staff so I got a lot of lovely, nice, and unforgettable experience from here. I love being here. I miss IGACT a lot now.

  • Archana Devasia

    Anglade Globals , Aluva.

    I feel really very happy that I could study here. At the end of the course we not only get a diploma but much more than that…………to be a good human person. Thanks for the support of Fathers and teachers over here.

  • As. Henry

    IGACT has helped me in many ways. It has helped me to grow spiritually, trained me to be a professional, above all it taught me the art of living.

  • Bastin Thomas

    Thanks a million to IGACT for all the help and support. It’s through IGACT I could fulfill my dreams. What I am today is because of the training that I received from IGACT. Thanks.

  • Benvictor Xavier

    Printec Ernakulam.

    IGACT is a Vision to Future…We learn many things here. It helps you to be a successful person.

  • Bibin Anto

    Office Express, Palarivattom .

    IGACT is a very good institute for the youngster to study and grow. It has excellent facilities. Very good job oriented courses. Good Fathers and teachers who really support and care us always and whenever we are in need. Thanks to all.

  • Chippy Vincent

    Don Bosco Image

    IGACT helped me build my career with a strong foundation by giving me confidence to face the world filled with challenges.I feel very proud to say that I am student of DB IGACT and I appreciate the works of Salesian Fathers and Brothers along with the Staff for their constant follow up and training. Long Live Don Bosco. Long Live Igact.Thank you…

  • Christy Francis

    UNION PRESS (Kingdom of Bahrain)

    Excellent experience from DB IGACT Family, It was a good start thanks to all teachers.

  • Cleejo C

    Five Star Printers - Ernakulam.

    I enjoyed being in DB IGACT, we had very good classes about printing, now I am happy to work in this field. Whatever I learned about printing in IGACT has helped me to grow as a good quality printer.

  • Cyril P Cyriyac

    It was indeed a very pleasant and unique experience to be here in IGACT. I surely cherish those memorable days at IGACT where I trained myself to be a good designer. Thanks a lot.

  • Eber Raju

    Easysoft Technologies,

    Thanks to IGACT for giving me the training to be a good web developer. It’s IGACT that helped me to add colour to my dreams and to reach this place. Thanks to all.

  • Febin Jose

    I really enjoyed the course. I found that the curriculum of the Diploma accurately reflected the working world's expectations and more.

  • Jerin Sam

    Impression Team, Kochi.

    I really consider myself lucky that I got a chance to study in IGACT. I have lots of happy memories of IGACT. More than getting a mere diploma I had ample opportunities to build up my talents, personality and career. Fathers and teachers over there were very much supportive of my growth. What I am today is because of IGACT. Thanks.

  • Jithin Johnson

    I got a lot of pleasant experience from IGACT during the time of my course and work. IGACT gave me sufficient work experience to work anywhere in world. And I thankful to Fr.Joyson Mulavarikal for his love and care.

  • Jobin Joseph

    Asiatic Printing Press LLC, Ernakulam.

    It’s place I really miss a lot now. I do remember those memorable happy days I spent over there. It’s a place I really love to be.

  • Johnson N.J

    Jayant Prints n packing

    IGACT helped me to improve my personality……gave courage to face problems in humble request to students if you are fluent in English that will give you good opportunities…so try to learn English when you are there.

  • Joseph James

    DB IGACT, Kochi.

    Every experience in IGACT has helped me to grow in my life. It’s indeed a wonderful place for those who love to learn, grow and get motivated. Thanks.

  • Justin Jose

    JiM Offset Press Palakkad.

    I got a lot of opportunities and facilities to get motivated and build up my carrier as a good graphic designer. Thanks to IGACT.

  • Libin Johnson

    Pentagon Solutions, Ernakulam.

    Don Bosco IGACT is not just an Institute, it's a culture by itself that allows us to develop our talent and ideas…..Each of us are listened to and treated as valuable team members.

  • Libin K Joy

    Jerry’s Print shop.

    I am very happy that I studied here in IGACT; teachers and instructors have given me many chances to study and work. I am grateful to DB IGACT.

  • Manu Marshal

    Techno Park.

    I would like to thank Fr.Joyson Mulavarikal, our teachers and everyone at Don Bosco IGACT for such a pleasurable experience, and for all that you did to make my career a big success!!! It is indeed IGACT that gave me a bright future. Thanks a million.

  • Maya Mathew

    I received a very good training in IGACT. Thanks to fathers and teachers of IGACT who were constantaly supporting and guiding me to reach up to this stage. Thanks.

  • Mohemmed Jahfer

    Masar Printing and Publishing, Dubai.

    Don Bosco IGACT is the best choice I have ever taken in my life... I have learned to be spiritually motivated and also to be a good human being. I promise u... If you stay there at least for a moment, you can’t forget that moment till your last breath... To be a good human being is more than being a professional man.

  • Neil F.George

    DB Igact was a world for me...Friendly atmosphere and Good leading teachers...IGACT showed me the way for my future life..Today I am so thankful ….grateful to IGACT for helping me to grow...teaching me the lessons that I need for life.

  • Nice Thankappan

    Emirates Printing Press, Dubai, UAE.

    IGACT has helped me in many ways. It has helped me to grow spiritually, trained me to be a professional, above all it taught me the art of living.

  • Nikhil Mathew

    SN Press Aluva.

    IGACT has helped me to improve my personality and I learned to be a good printer. It’s a place I got best of my friends…

  • Rince Chacko

    As a beginner with the desire to do something creative as a Designing Artist,
    I have learned so many things from IGACT.
    The help & support from the Principal and the Faculties were generous and they motivated us in every way they could.
    Thanks to IGACT for lighting up my career and making my dreams come true.

  • Sabin

    Danat FZ LLC.

    DB IGACT has been my life changer. The course I studied over there gave me this career by providing me a firm base in web technology. I was blessed to have such an awesome faculty which made me confident and mentally strong. ….. Each and every piece of advice and experiences which I had in IGAT is what I’m carrying it with me now in every aspects of life. Lastly I have a piece of advice to my fresher’s, do enjoy the days in IGACT as you will once miss these days in IGACT like I’m missing it now. My heartfelt thanks to my Principal, all my teachers and dear friends who have helped me, guided me in my life at IGACT which helped me grow up professionally and have success in my career.

  • Shiju K

    Asiatic Press - UAE.

    Nothing can substitute those unforgettable days I spent in IGACT. It’s really wonderful to be here. An excellent place for learning.

  • Subin

    Orange X Press, Trivandrum.

    IGACT inspired me to think differently. Here I could get a variety of experiences like, knowledge, friendship, music, games...

  • Sunil M.J

    Five Star Printers - Ernakulam.

    I was very happy in IGACT. I like printing and it is good course. Thanks to IGACT and all its members.

  • Tinu Neelakandan

    Asiatic Press - UAE.

    I really had an unforgettable experience in IGACT. It was indeed a home for me. I love IGACT. Thanks to all.

  • Wilson Abraham

    Thanks to DB IGACT, for the friendly atmosphere, work experience and all things that helped and motivated me to improve my character.