Don Bosco Quiz


Don Bosco is visiting Kerala!

 The relic of  the right hand of our father and founder St. John Bosco is taken as pilgrimage to all over the world and it is coming to our home town Kerala from September 23rd to Octorber 13.  
Don Bosco Magazine is intending to supplement this memorable event with the printing of a special issue of Don Bosco magazine for the month of September 2011. This special issue in multi-colour will feature a series of articles on Don Bosco and the Salesian ministry from different perspectives.  The articles are designed in such a way that the lay faithful who would throng at our different centers to pay homage to Don Bosco would come to know, love and esteem our heavenly patron and the Salesian system of ministry in a deeper manner.  
There is a special Quiz competition based on this Special Issue of  Don Bosco Magazine. You can get more details from the image. All are welcome to participate in the Don Bosco Quiz Competition.  
Yours in St. John Bosco,   
Bro. Shaji Nedumpurath
Managing Editor